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Welcome to Mikoroshoni Primary School - Kenya

Education: Mikoroshoni Primary School has an important role to play in Shanzu village, one of the poorest communities in Mombasa. It provides a good local education for children from the very poorest families, who may otherwise not attend school.

Your donations help us to continue to provide a free education for 300 pupils, to provide the books and equipment required and to pay the teacher's salaries.

An education is vital for the full realisation of an individual's potential, and is central to a country's social and economic development.

Daily Meal: The charity donations also support a daily feeding programme for all the children.

We provide porridge for the youngest children and maize and beans for the older children.

This has proved to be very beneficial as it can be the only food the children eat each day.

Your Help:

£3 each month sponsors a child for education and makes a difference.

£2 each month sponsors a child for the daily feeding programme.

The Future: By providing an education that enables pupils to appreciate their cultural heritage within and outside their communities.

The education lets our  pupils develop their talents and realize their potentials.

With good education comes the greater possibility of employment and self reliance for the whole family well into the future.

School Motto: Elimu ni Mwangaza - Education is Light

School Mission: To provide a good quality primary education and a feeding programme for children from the very poorest families in the extremely poor community of Shanzu.

Who we are:  We are a small non profit making registered charity based in the UK.

Over 98% of the contributions go directly to the school. The development and work at Mikoroshoni is regularly overseen by the Trustees and other volunteers who visit entirely at their own expense.

With our overheads being so extremely low, that means that virtually all money donated goes directly to the school and the children. Your donation really does make a difference.

Thank you for looking at our website and please donate to help us carry on this work.

Asante Sana Rafiki’s           (Thank you very much friends)


Friends of Mikoroshoni. Charity commission reg No 1085334

Mikoroshoni Primary School. PO Box 10641 Bamburi Mombasa Kenya